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Individual Sessions

​We Often Have Painful Relationships with people we care about, and hide parts of ourselves, or are unable to maintain healthy boundaries. Perhaps you dance around worries of confrontation or cover-up your joy of life for fear of being embarrassed, made fun of, or worse, being humiliated or belittled. Such experiences can leave us stuck without knowing how to move forward.

Surprisingly, Working With Horses Can Be Really Powerful in assisting with human (or other) relationships! Under their guidance and Helen’s support, horses can help teach you about boundaries and personal authenticity while preserving ‘the herd’ relationships within your human community. This can happen in ways that cut through the loops of thinking and beliefs of struggles that you may, consciously or unconsciously, hold.


YES, Horses Are Very Large, Powerful Animals, yet this is a completely safe process. You are secure at all times, both physically and emotionally, because of the way it is facilitated. The realisations, emotional insights, and healing come gently and compassionately.

Topics That We Can Explore:

  • are widely ranging

  • personal to each individual.

  • create new ways of relating in your:

    • personal life

    • business life

    • horse’s life (if applicable)

  • support the development of heart-based business for those that struggle with the corporate (or other) models.

The Details: (at HorseCentred or at your location) 

Cost: First Session: $175.00 (Two Hours)

          Subsequent Sessions: $100.00 

Sessions During the Covid Pandemic: 

  • Covid 19 restrictions, mean adding on-line services. 

  • During this period, I am happy to engage with you for sessions through Zoom or by telephone if meeting in person, despite social distancing, is uncomfortable for you. Please ask me how this works!!!!  

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