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Facilitation Mentorship Program

A Four-Day In-depth Program to enhance and deepen your horsemanship facilitation muscles through practice and guidance from, and with, the horses. ​

​Prerequisites are a strong ability to hold space for yourself, to be self responsible through self-development training, life coaching or therapeutic background and some prior experience/training with equine facilitated reflective work.

The Framework will be to notice and practice from the horse's perspective - to work with what they present to us for the day - to meet the horses where they are each day allowing us to move closer and closer to working first, through the heart/body system, with support from the mind. There will be a soft focus each day for us to work with one of the EponaQuest facilitation tools (and any others that pop up!!) You will have MANY, many hours of 'being' with the horses first - a minimum of theoretical lectures - a maximum of experiential learning!!

Practical Tools You Will Leave With 

  • An enormous range of combined practical horsemanship/handling skills to allow a fluid connection with the horses

  • A better understanding and closer look at the relationship between your own body and another (horse and/or human)

  • Stronger, deeper, clearer group dynamic skills as taught by the herd!!

  • Ability to: Extend beyond the mind and the intellect so you can actually FEEL and EMBODY the techniques!!

  • Deepening of your own practice to hold space with your Clients and the horses at a profound level - Trust the nonverbal, intuitive and 'felt' body senses taught to us by the masters

  • Ability to guide the Client with stronger intuitive processes

  • Improved capacity to read the horses in every moment to allow them to facilitate more clearly and to have us step out of their way to provide them with better support

Surrender to the wisdom of the horses!!

The Details

Maximum of four participants per session


        BC:  $1,500.00 (non refundable deposit of $250.00)

Ontario:  $1,900.00  (non refundable deposit of $250.00)

Other Locations:  By separate arrangement

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